Our Hungarian language teachers


Our Hungarian language teachers



I was born in Slovakia, and since my childhood I have been fascinated by my Hungarian mother tongue. After graduating from ELTE in 1988 I pursued my love of language and in addition to Hungarian and Slovakian, I speak English and German. My own experience directly influenced how I teach Hungarian in the most efficient way. I have been teaching Hungarian for 20 years, and I started to write course books in 2006, including that which is taught at the third level in our school. In addition I am a member of the Board of Examiners of the State Language Institute. The greatest pleasure for me is, when I come to have a full conversation with my students in Hungarian, and see that they are enjoying their time in Hungary.


I have been teaching Hungarian as foreign language for 12 years. I graduated first as psychologist in 2003, and one year later I received my teacher's diploma. I worked for Interclub Language School 2001-2005. Meanwhile from 2004 until 2011 I taught Hungarian to students from all over the world at the Liszt Ferenc Music University. During this time I wrote a two volume beginner's course book, which is presently taught at the university. For me teaching means challenge, innovation and joy, because there are no two students or groups that are the same.


I am the founder of the school, and have been teaching Hungarian for over 20 years. I always find fresh inspiration in teaching, and the motivation to improve and refine how to do it effectively. This is why I felt urge to create teaching material personally tailored to my students for their private lessons. I also wrote the book which we use at the second level. Besides this book, I wrote additional booklets with stories drawn from fairy tales, stories from Hungarian history, and about Hungarian products (like Unicum, salami). I am delighted to work with such an inspiring, creative team of teachers.


I have been teaching Hungarian since I finished university ELTE in 2005. I work as a private teacher and I give lessons in different language schools too. For me it is very exiting to teach my mother tongue, because I think Hungarian is one of the most exotic languages in the world. I like working with people from different countries, and with different cultural background, it makes my job so colorful. Teaching is my life.


I graduated as an Hungarian and history teacher in 1986. I received my pedagogy diploma at ELTE in 1994. I have over 20 years of experience in teaching Hungarian. I teach the language for all ages from children to adults. I am open, patient and friendly. I lived in Germany for 6 years, where I learnt a lot about people and culture.


I am an enthusiastic language learner and speak English, French, Dutch and German. I spent the last five years in Amsterdam, where I experienced both the challenges and beauty of living abroad. I use my natural humor and patience to help my students become successful with their language learning. Based on over 10 years teaching I wrote the course book that is used for the first level in our school.


I studied History of Art and German Language and Literature at Eötvös Loránd University Budapest where I was graduated as a teacher in 2001. During my studies I already began to work as a private language teacher and translator. I've been teaching Hungarian for foreigners for about 12 years. My first students were some German friends living in Budapest, thanks to them I learnt a lot about the structure of my mother tongue and educated myself in the method of teaching Hungarian. Teaching is always a never ending learning for me, it's very inspiring to get know how my students think, what their difficulties and questions are and how I can help them to be familiar with the logic of Hungarian (because - in spite of the first impression - it does have a logic!:-). I think it's a great joy to learn a foreign language in the country where it's spoken, because you can always find and practice the teaching material on the street, so I always try to connect the language book with the everyday experiences of my students.