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I was very very satisfied with the school. Within a few months I reached a level that I was able to speak, what not really natural. They taught the grammar very well and explained how Hungarian works. According to my opinion that is the most important. The Hungarian language is not impossible to learn, but really strange for a foreigner. That’s the reason why it’s really important to go to a good language school. I’ve heard a lot of time how good I speak Hungarian. But in this moments I have to know that I can be grateful for it to Ulysses Language School.


Jonas Hiltbrunner




I was very happy to attend the Hungarian lessons at your school.  First of all I appreciated it very much to be in a small group. There  we have learned so many things by playing situations of every day  life. We did not only learn from the book but were challenged to talk  or describe something for our own. I have learned so many words that it was a pleasure to see the  progress and success. Of course a lot of hard work was expected too  as the Hungarian language is logically structured but full of  exceptions. My classmate sometimes said that the fully written board  looked like showing some chemical formulas. But it was fun as the courses were always very variable and  interesting. I learned a lot and I feel grateful. Tudjátok, most  magyarul beszélek!. Köszönöm szépen és minden jót.

Thorsten Wieland



I found the school through a friend, I came and I fell in love with the classes, my teachers and learning Hungarian here, as I am still attending the classes for 2 years now.  Yes,  you need time, courage and most important practice to learn this amazing language, but also the best teachers...and Ulysses offers this with full professionalism and joy.
Köszönet mindenkinek az Ulyssesben.

Mihaela Chintoiu



"When I joined Ullysses school it was the third school I had attended to learn Hungarian. I have found the course structure to be by far the best I have experienced so far. After just one course my Hungarian has improved greatly. And our teacher Gabi is fantastic! I already recommended the school to a friend, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn this language."

Kate Matcham



"The teachers are adept at teaching professionally as well as relating personally in both small groups and private lessons.  They go the extra mile to match materials and instruction to the language needs and goals of their students.  Besides giving practical experience with the language, the contextualized lessons help provide an understanding of Hungarian history and culture."

Katie Winckles



"I am very grateful for the course, the teachers were very kind, and laid a good base language set of skills, for me to improve further on my own. Thank you."

Joel Deicmanis



" I want to thank a lot to you and all the teachers for really nice and useful lessons! I have got a really good introduction to Hungarian language and I hope that in the future I still will have an opportunity to improve it. "

Jurate Zabarkastie



"Having tried another school, I came to Ulysses looking for an intensive program. Their own teaching material and methods stand out and really helped me make a lot of progress."

Sam Hauglustaine



"I love the way you are teaching Hungarian."

Veronica Guadron


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